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If you are coming to Canada, it is a good idea to protect yourself with travel insurance for Canadian visitors. Your coverage will protect you in case you suffer an accident or illness that causes you financial loss. Furthermore, if you intend to apply for the Super Visa for Parents, you must provide proof of private medical insurance coverage from Canadian insurance providers. Providing you with the best coverage, our specialists at have the experience you need.

Why should visitors to Canada purchase travel insurance?

If you purchase travel insurance before travelling to Canada, you will be able to enjoy your vacation without interruption. You can look after yourself by ensuring that your expenses are covered if you find yourself in need of healthcare during your trip.

Canada Immigration and Citizenship also requires proof of private health insurance coverage for all Super Visa applicants. You must have insurance that provides the following:

  • Be valid for one year since the effective date
  • A Canadian insurance company.
  • Make sure there is at least $100,000 of coverage.
  • Cover the expense of hospitalization and repatriation in case of an emergency medical condition
  • It should be valid for each entry to Canada and available for inspection at the port of entry.

Several years ago, Svim took a step to ensure every client at Svim was satisfied with their coverage.

Travel insurance for Canadian visitors covers the following?

There are many different coverage options available to suit all budgets and requirements. There are several visitors to Canada travel insurance providers that our Supervisa Insurance Mississauga can shop from. This allows you to buy the best coverage at the lowest price. Here are a few possible coverage options:

  • Coverage for emergency medical needs
  • Provides coverage for the requirements of the Super Visa
  • Coverage for family members
  • Temporary trips to other countries covered by insurance
  • Services provided by physicians
  • Services for ambulances
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription drugs, plus more.

You must have a minimum amount of private health insurance before coming to Canada as part of your Super Visa application. Supervisa Insurance Mississauga will make sure that your supervisa insurance covers these requirements.

What is the cost of travel insurance for international visitors to Canada?

For visitors to Canada, travel insurance doesn’t come in one size fits all. Many variables can affect the price, including health conditions, the length of stay, and visa requirements. We at Supervisa Insurance Mississauga can help you find areas where you might be eligible for a discount. One example is if you are travelling with Companion you will be available to save 5%. Getting insurance through a broker such as Supervisa Insurance Mississauga is an excellent idea as they will provide you with the proper coverage at an affordable price.

How Do I Get Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada with

Visitors and travel insurance are some of the most popular types of insurance that we offer at Let us pick the insurance companies for you to find the best price and coverage for the best value. Contact us by giving us a call or completing a quote online.



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